Line-X Commercial and Industrial Coatings

No matter what line of business you're in, your equipment represents a major investment. At the end of a long day, it's taken it's share of use and abuse! Before you know it, your investment is starting to show the wear and tear of those long days of hard work.

By applying LINE-X Protective Coatings, you can extend the service life of virtually all of your equipment. LINE-X provides a seamless, factory installed fit and finish. It's the ideal answer to many of the problems you face day-in and day-out. With a durable, non-slip surface, LINE-X provides excellent footing for your crew and helps keep your cargo right where you put it. The proprietary LINE-X formulation offers superior impact and abrasion resistance without compromising cargo space.

You put a lot of hard hours on your equipment, through the most grueling hazards and demanding conditions in the industry. That takes its toll on your equipment and on your bottom-line. The cost of keeping your gear in good condition and looking like new can be prohibitive. LINE-X can help. We offer the most dependable protective coating on the market today, applied by experienced, “factory-trained” professionals.

LINE-X Protective Coatings Permanently Bond to the Surface, Sealing out Moisture and Dirt, Preventing Rust and Corrosion - Providing a Durable Non-Skid Surface. With Superior Impact and Abrasion Resistance, Your LINE-X Application will Increase the Life-Cycle of your Equipment and Reduce Your Maintenance Costs. LINE-X can be Applied with a Fine Texture, Coarse Texture, or a Smooth Texture - the Ideal Solution for Many of the Problems You Face in the Industrial Environment.

Regardless of what equipment you have or what your needs might be... whatever your problem is, LINE-X has your answer. Call LINE-X and ask about LINE-X Commercial and Industrial Applications.

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